“Nine Tailors make a man.”


『 仕立て屋は9人で一人前 』

『 一人前になるには9つのお店、仕立屋(Tailor)が必要 』という二つの意味を持つこの言葉はイギリスの諺から引用


二つ目の “9つのお店、仕立屋が必要” と言うところからその日に身に着けるもの

<ジャケット シャツ パンツ 時計 クツ 靴下 カバン ベルト・・・>





Headwear with simplicity of the design and comfortability.


While making the design simple, we pay special attention to the finer details so that our hats may fit naturally to you, and you feel more comfortable as you put on them.


Capture the streamline of new trend and inspiration from time gone by.


We enjoy the fusion of different elements such as contemporary styles and trends with the traditional skills and craftsmanship.


“Nine tailors make a man”


Our brand name “Nine tailor” came from this British proverb.

It has interpreted in various ways,but one of them refers to that nine highly specialized tailors are necessary to make a suit of clothes.

Your wardrobe consists of jackets, shirts, pants, watches, shoes, socks, bags, belt…, and hats.


We are happy to be the ninth tailor, a hatmaker, and create hats that can serve as the critical part of your everyday wardrobe.